Adding a Comment to a Confluence Page from Slack

Dallas de Marr Updated by Dallas de Marr

Docs+ enables you to add comments from Slack messages quickly and easily.

What to Know

  • With Docs+ your user roles are automatically respected and any action is attributed to your user.

Adding a Comment

  1. Navigate to a channel that contains the Docs+ bot
  2. Mark the message to be turned into a page, blog post, or comment with the :book: emoji
  3. Docs+ will reply to that message to let you know that wiki capture has started:
  4. Click Go to open the Create Document modal
  5. Select Comment from the Create as dropdown in the modal
  6. Select an existing page or blog post from the Select page dropdown in the modal
  7. Fill in the requested information
  8. Click Create

Your comment will now be added to the requested wiki page.

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