Self Hosted

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Self-hosted instances provide an alternative to our secure multi-tenant cloud environment for enterprise customers with special requirements.

An Enterprise level subscription is required and additional fees apply.

What to know

  • Self-hosted instances us docker
  • No data is sent to our system when self-hosted
  • The instance is managed by your team with our remote help
  • Socket mode is available for connecting with Slack

How it works

  1. We work with your team to sign our master software agreement to govern the usage of the docker container
  2. We will establish a communication channel with your team - we prefer shared Slack channels.
  3. Our customer success team will work with you to create your instance, configure your bot and establish connectivity.
  4. We help you train your users with live or recorded training sessions.
  5. You launch your new support process.

Technical Overview

Please read our technical overview help document to understand how our system connects to the API layers we utilize to create the solution.

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