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Slash commands allow users to interact with bots anywhere within Slack.  They can be used in direct messages, channels and in messages directly with the app. 

To start using our Slash command type /docs-plus

The following commands are included:

  • /docs-plus create
    Create Confluence content without leaving the Slack context
  • /docs-plus find [$SEARCH_TERMS]
    Performs a Confluence search for the term entered.
  • /docs-plus search {$SEARCH_TERMS]
    Alias for /docs-plus find.
  • /docs-plus connect
    Connect the channel to Confluence content updates.
  • /docs-plus share
    Share Confluence content to a channel or DM.
  • /docs-plus settings
    Configure personal notification settings.
  • /docs-plus welcome
    Resend the onboarding "Welcome to Docs+" message.
  • /docs-plus help
    Get information about the Docs+ slash commands

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